Eligibility for our personal loans

You can apply for a reliable personal loan if you meet this criteria:

  • Be 22 years or older (a guarantor is required if under this age)
  • Be employed for at least 3 months
  • Be a New Zealand permanent resident
  • Own a vehicle registered in your name or property (security for the loan). Your car must be aged 2001 or newer
  • Earning a minimum of $450/week

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Full term amount payable of $. Based upon an example annual fixed interest rate of 13.95%, with an establishment fee of $450.00.

Example of a $20,000 loan over a 36 month term

Loan Amount $20,000
Establishment Fee $240
Broker Fee $250
Valuation Fee $0
PPSR Search & Registration Fee $9.60
Account Maintenance Fee $2.50
Credit Check $7.10
Driver Check $0.16
Identity Check $2.30
Passport Check $0
Vehicle Check $0.18
Bank Statement Report $0
Fixed Interest Rate
(rates depend on your individual application)
Term 36 months
Amount Financed $20,719.34
Interest $4,297.50
Account Maintenance Fee $390.00
Balance Payable $25,406.84

*Loan term varies from 3 months to 7 years.