We can all go through a tough financial time in our lives that leaves our credit rating not looking great. And even when your situation improves, that low credit rating still follows you around. Thankfully, there are still loan options out there for you. Enter, Swoosh Finance! Our secured bad credit loans are designed to help as many people as possible, including those with poor credit. You can apply for a direct loan from Swoosh for up to $5,000 today!

What are bad credit loans?

Bad credit loans are designed for people with low credit scores, making them the easiest loans to get with bad credit! Make sure you check the rates and fees before you apply, as they can be higher than other types of loans.

At Swoosh, we offer everyone a fair go. That’s why we look at your current ability to repay the loan, rather than your past history. Our loans are secured by your car (or another vehicle) and are paid off over 12 months.

We offer flexible repayment options to align with your payday:




And with automatic recurring payments, you’ll never need to worry about forgetting to pay on time ever again!

Rates and fees

Swoosh Finance is all about simple, easy finance. That’s why we’re upfront about our rates and fees. You know what you are dealing with before you make any decisions.

Interest is calculated daily, based on the outstanding balance, and is applied monthly to your account. Our small bad credit loans have fixed interest rates, so you know exactly how much you’ll be paying for the entire loan term.

If a scheduled payment is returned unpaid, we may issue a $40.00 debit dishonour fee. This fee is not subject to interest, though you’ll continue to pay the usual interest charges as described.

Online cash loan amount $2000-$5000
Application fee $0
Standard establishment fee $300
Account maintenance fee $10 per month
Other fees $25.30 (included in loan)
Annual Interest 48%
Term length 12 Months
Flexible repayment options Weekly, fortnightly, or monthly (based on your paydays)
Loan type Secured (against vehicle)

What can I use a bad credit loan for?

You can use your small personal loan to cover any costs, including:

Urgent bills

Pay off credit cards

Bond payment


Debt consolidation


+ more!

Where to get bad credit loans

Swoosh Finance offers online bad credit loans to all eligible Kiwis. So no matter where you are, there’s always a fast cash loan option near you. Simply apply online and you’ll have your application done in a couple of minutes.

Woman happy after being approved for a bad credit loan from Swoosh Finance

How to get a loan with bad credit NZ

Our fast approval process is 100% online. Just follow these three easy steps and you’ll have the cash in your bank account in no time:

  1. Complete our online loan application in just minutes.
  2. We review your bad credit loan instantly.
  3. Electronically sign the contract and the money will be deposited directly into your bank account the same day!*

*For contracts returned at or after 4pm (NZDT), funds will be transferred overnight.


When you need money urgently, a bad credit history is not ideal. And it isn’t always possible to make money quickly enough to cover those unexpected expenses. 

We understand that past credit mistakes can follow you around long after your circumstances change, making it hard to get a loan from a bank or other lenders. Swoosh takes a different approach to lending. As long as you meet our four simple criteria, you can apply online today:

At least 18 years old

New Zealand permanent resident

Employed for at least 3 months*

Own a vehicle registered in your name**

*Earning a minimum of $400/week

**Vehicle will be used as security for the loan

Apply online for an easy bad credit loan

Get a quick cash loan today with Swoosh! We offer guaranteed approval on bad and poor credit loan applications for New Zealanders who meet our eligibility and lending criteria.

When you need cash now but have bad credit, it can be tricky to get approved – especially when it comes to the big banks. That’s why we look at the ‘here and now’ of your financial situation, assessing everyone on an individual basis. We want you to receive the assistance you need, so we look at more than just your credit history.

Bad Credit Loans NZ FAQs

Swoosh Finance is a responsible lender. That means we follow the lending principles set out in the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act (CCCFA) to provide safe, secure finance, for NZ customers with bad credit.

A small personal loan could help improve your credit, but you should consider your situation carefully before applying. For example, by making repayments on time, you will demonstrate responsible debt management. This will have a positive impact on your credit history if the lender reports repayments to a credit bureau. But if you apply for too many loans at once, miss repayments, or default on your loan then your credit rating will be negatively affected. Find out more about How to improve your credit score in NZ.

Visit the NZ government page on getting help with your budget to find free financial services that can provide you with personalised advice.

Our urgent bad credit loans are made to provide fast finance approval for New Zealanders who need it. To make the process as easy and smooth as possible we make the application and approval process 100% online. So you’ll know as soon as you are approved and have the money in your account the same day!

As long as you manage your debt responsibly and make repayments on time, a loan will help improve your score over time. There are several factors that go into how you credit score is calculated and it is important to understand how your credit score works before applying for any finance.

Most information can stay on your credit file for 4-5 years.