Borrowing money online with no credit in NZ can be a bit hard to navigate. But when you need money fast and don’t have time to build up a credit score from scratch, you want to know what your options are. We’ve broken everything down so you can discover how to get a loan fast with no credit in NZ.



How to get a loan fast with no credit in NZ | Swoosh Finance NZ

Can you get a loan without having credit in NZ?

‘How can someone with no credit get a loan?’. If you’re wondering if loans with no credit actually exist, the short answer is yes – but they are not as common as credit check loans. Lenders can be more reluctant to lend to people with no credit history because they don’t know how well you manage debt. So while it can be a bit more tricky, it’s definitely not impossible. After all, we all have to start somewhere!
Can you get a loan without having credit? | Swoosh Finance NZ

Where to get a loan with no credit history

Some banks and private lenders look at alternate data to assess your eligibility or only offer a small amount of money that is secured by an asset. You will need to check the lender’s website to make sure they offer no credit history loans, but these lenders and loan types are a good place to start looking:
  • Lenders advertising alternative eligibility and assessment processes
  • Pawnbrokers or pawn loans
  • Secured loans
  • Cosigner loans
  • Bad credit loans
  • Small loans
If you are looking for a small secured loan from a direct lender, then our Small Cash Loans may be right for you. You can apply for $2,000-$5,000 today, even with no credit history.
Where to get a no credit history loan | Swoosh Finance NZ

Getting a loan fast with no credit

Once you know what types of loans to look for, it’s just a matter of checking eligibility criteria before you apply. Lenders offering loans for people with no credit will need to use alternative methods of verifying your eligibility. This generally means putting more emphasis on your income, employment history, and financial situation. So start regularly putting some savings aside if you can, pay special attention to your spending habits, and try not to change jobs right before applying.
Getting a loan fast with no credit | Swoosh Finance

Easiest loan to get with no credit

At Swoosh, we like to give everyone a fair go. Our simple eligibility and lending criteria allow us to provide straightforward, easy finance through direct short-term loans, like our:

The small borrowing amount and the collateral used to secure the loan allow us to provide finance to a wider range of borrowers, including people with no credit history (or bad credit history).

Get a no credit loan with Swoosh in 3 easy steps

In just 3-simple steps, you could get an easy loan online with no credit history today:

  1. Complete our online loan application in just minutes.
  2. We review your bad credit loan straight away.
  3. Electronically sign the contract and the money will be deposited directly into your bank account the same day!*

*For contracts returned at or after 4pm (NZDT), funds will be transferred overnight.

Can I get a loan with no credit check?

While some no credit check loans do exist, Swoosh does not offer them. Credit checks are an important part of our responsible lending practices.

How much can I borrow with no credit?

You can borrow up to $5,000 with no credit history with a Swoosh Small Cash Loan.

Easiest loan to get with no credit | Swoosh Finance NZ

How to build your credit history guide

Get some quick tips on how to build credit history from scratch. Starting out can be daunting but it’s actually much easier to start out building a good credit history than trying to repair a bad credit score quickly. The basic principle in building a good credit history is to show a pattern of responsible debt management. This can be done in a lot of ways, but here are some common ways people start out:
  • Take out a credit card
  • Put your name on the rental contract, power bill, or water bill
  • Use a postpaid mobile plan instead of prepaid
  • Take out a loan
How to build a credit history from scratch | Swoosh Finance NZ

Why is my credit score different on different sites?

Some businesses will report to a single credit bureau and not any of the others. Also, the business might share some types of information, like defaults, but not other information, like payment history. This is part of the reason why credit scores can vary between agencies.

On top of that, some businesses don’t report to credit bureaus at all. For example, Afterpay does not currently affect your credit score in NZ because they don’t conduct credit checks or report repayment information.

All this means that you might be eligible for finance through one lender and not through another – depending on who they use to check your credit report.

If you know that one credit reporting agency doesn’t show your credit history in the best light, you can enquire about where a lender accesses credit reports from before you apply. That way you know exactly what information they will be looking at when they assess your loan application.


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